Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering teams has built up years of experience in developing and delivering custom and turn-key software solutions for organizations of any size. Rihal is skilled at translating customers requirement and/or problems into dependable software solutions that exceed expectations.



Custom Projects

We work closely with organizations to build custom software’s that is tailored to the needs of their business and its users.

Restore and Upgrade Legacy Software

We give your legacy applications a new lease of life by adding new features, increasing its performance and reducing the number of bugs and issues.

Polyglot Teams

Our teams are able to work on and deliver projects, in a variety of languages such as Go, Typescript/JavaScript, C#, Python & Java.

Deploy and Monitor Existing Solutions

We can migrate and deploy your existing software solutions to the Omani cloud or even worldwide. We use containerization technologies such as Docker & Kubernetes to deploy and monitor the solutions. We ensure they're available, secured and reliable.


Iterative software development following Agile methodologies.
Deploy on the Cloud or on Premise.
Follow CI/CD Practices to Deploy Frequently to Production Environments.
Dedicated Support Team.
Focus on UI/UX and Usability.
Performant and Scalable Solutions.
Secure and Privacy Focused Software.
Omani Development Team.

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