Eysal aims to solve the problem of manual, human-error prone invoice processing and approval. Additionally eysal can reduce operational cost due to reduced human error, staffing cost and cycle time. Moreover eysal can increase operational efficiency by streamlining invoice processing and approval cycle.

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Reduce TAT

Turnaround time can be reduced from months to few days as the full cycle can be performed on the platform and accessed online from anywhere.

Increase Accuracy

By reducing the number and frequency of manual inputs and actions.

Reduce Operational Cost

By reducing human error, staffing cost and invoice approval cycle time.

Key Features


Eysal provides the ability to integrate with enterprise resources planning (ERP), accounting or payment system.

PO Matching

Eysal can fetch the purchase orders form an ERP or accounting system and allow the supplier to match invoice details to the respective purchase order.

Process Bulk Invoices

Eysal enables the supplier can upload bulk invoices and submit bulk invoices with different purchase orders and the reviewer can process multiple invoices in one go.

Live Status

Eysal enables both service provider and acquirer to track the status of the invoice in a real-time manner.

Simplified Work-flow

The approval work-flow is simplified by eliminating the extra unnecessary steps.

Dedicated Portals

Eysal provides a dedicated portal for the supplier and service acquirer to process and track invoices.


Eysal equipped with insightful predefined reports to gain full vision and ease the transformation to become data-driven.

Turn Data into a Resource

Leverage all your data as a valuable resource to tackle your business and operational problems better.

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