Hasad is a web-based solution where different professional services hours can be tracked. hasad allows employers to keep track of how much time is spent on these services and identify any areas that may require more attention. hasad also makes it easy for employers to generate reports on productivity.

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Increased Accuracy

Hasad allows users to capture and track the time spent on a specific task to the accurate minute.

Better Planning and Budgeting

Hasad can help predict the resources required for a certain service based on historical data which can lead to better planning and budgeting.

Increased Efficiency

Hasad can increase the efficiency of data.

Key Features

Intuitive User Interface

Hasad equipped with intuitive user interfaces making it easy for the users to interact with and achieve their objectives. An Intuitive user interface can save time and money on training.

Automatic Calculation

This is a huge time-saver, especially for organizations with large payrolls. With hasad, all daily and weekly time inputs will be tallied automatically.

Approval Workflow

Hasad equipped with an intuitive and simplified approval workflow to streamline time entries approval.

Multiple User Roles

Hasad provides different types of user roles.

Data Export

Ability to export data from time entries to generate visual reports using BI or visualization tools.

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