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Rihal Data Journey



Before dealing with data, it has to be in a digital format. Rihal has started its journey with transforming all sorts of documents to useful sets of data allowing it to be processed down the line.


Once documents are transformed to digital format, automation begins to clean, sort, and extract desired entities. Rihal has added an additional layer of automation with the aid of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and customized automated workflows.

Artificial Intelligence

Rihal takes an extra step in exploring datasets with the aid of the machine. Machine-Learning is advancing and proving to provide solutions to many industry related problems, that are not trivial to solve analytically.

Become Data Driven

Finally, after processing the data and figuring out the required outcome, Rihal presents the data in a simplified design allowing the user to easily interact with it, explore it, and get further insights.

What Do We Offer?





Why Rihal?


Rihal solutions focus on specific customer needs.


Rihal solutions are developed using cutting-edge technologies allowing a room for scalability.


Rihal solutions are intuitive, easy to use and intelligent. Removing the tedious from your workflow.

They Were Satisfied

PDO are privileged to partner, learn from and support Rihal, a role model in entrepreneurial creativity, intensity and commitment to make a difference in unleashing Omani talent and national capacity.

Raoul Restucci
Former Managing Director, Petroleum Development Oman

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