Jadawel is a data solution for businesses of all sizes. jadawel enables businesses to collect and analyze data easily and in a timely manner. Additionally, jadawel can help businesses improve its operations, make better decisions, and increase profits.

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Spreadsheet-like Data Grid

Jadawel's data grid is designed user-friendly and familiar to individuals who have worked with a spreadsheet before. You can add, delete, and edit rows and columns to meet your data management needs.

Rich Data Types

Jadawel supports a variety of data types, including numbers, dates, and text, as well as adding validation checks to customize advanced types. This allows for easy management of a wide range of data types within a single platform.

Tailored Permissions

Jadawel allows for the assignment of permissions to a space, table, or column for specific users or teams. These permissions can be managed at either the space or user/team level.


Jadawel's auto-generated forms feature for adding records simplifies the process of collecting data from multiple sources. By sharing the table, data can be collected in real-time with ease.


Intuitive User Interface

Jadawel is equipped with intuitive user interfaces making it easy for the users to interact with and achieve their objectives. An intuitive user interface can save time and money on training.

Centralized Repository

jadawel can be your single location where all the data are stored.

Multiple User Roles

jadawel provides different types of user roles with different authority levels.

Data Export

Ability to export data your stored data.


Jadawel is equipped with a prebuilt set of summaries and visualizations about your data with the ability to customize your own.

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